We all have a signature set of sounds. Featuring a curated selection of music, news, and podcasts, Spotify’s Daily Drive playlist helps you get to know anybody you spend time in the car with.

Our targeted hashtags #YourDailyDrive and #ShareTheDriveShareTheVibe on Instagram and Twitter will kick off the conversation about the playlist on social media. Our target is also already on the road, meaning ads on both billboards and trucks are the next logical choice. Not to mention everybody needs to fill up the tank at some point, so we'll partner with Shell to create Daily Drive Pumps.

Lastly, we'll introduce a 30-second spot on IGTV and TikTok, two channels that have become known for their now prominent role in the modern music industry. Once completely rolled out, the Daily Drive will become known as the perfect way to navigate at the speed of connection. 

Art Direction: Elise Brandwein

Designer: Antonia Bailey

Copywriter: Sam Faktorow