The USS YAM by Niche Magazine is an immersive experience designed to get people to try new things. To play and get messy like they once did as a child, without worrying about what others thought of them.

The experience will take form in a large mobile ship, that is decked out with oddities and bizzare elements. The USS YAM will be taken somewhere new once every 4 months, it will be positioned in public areas where adults can easily see it and access it.

This experience is only for people over the age of 21, no children are allowed inside. It is meant for adults to rediscover what it means to play.


Poster Design

Niche’s new interactive experience will begin through social media. Niche magazine will drop hints about a new project they’re working on, getting the consumer excited and already thinking about the experience.

Posters will be installed in crowded areas as well to raise awareness. Consumers can visit the website after a month of teasing the experience where they will be able to purchase tickets and learn more.


Enviromental Mockup


Room One- Gear Up

Participants will have access to a stockpile of fun accessories and outfits in this room. They will be able to wear their chosen pieces throughout the entire experience


Room Two- Build It

There will be every safe material known on earth here. People will be encouraged to touch and build something and then be able to take it home.

Room Three- Tech Out

Here people can play with VR sets and hangout in virtual areas together. There will be videos games for people to try out, as well as projection mapping on all the walls featuring work from various local artists.


Room Four- Bottoms Up

The final room will be a two story beer garden and small restaurant. There will be unique flavors for people to try and a new chef with every new location.

Layout Plan



At the end of their experience, visitors will get to take home a USS YAM hat and button.