The problem Budweiser faced was being known but not consumed by a younger audience. There was a disconnect to a new culture. We turned that around to define who Budweiser is today. Not heavy or traditional but rich.

Next, we determined what rich meant to Budweiser and our campaign. Our definition of bud rich is having a wealth of personality. Bud rich represents being body positive, quirky, bold, and a good person. We chose influencers with rich personalities to connect to a diverse target audience. 

 Budweiser has a rich history. Now they have a rich future. We'll reach our target audience where they are, seeking art and self-expression, with collectible cans and strategic social and posters. No matter how they choose to express themselves, they're all capable of being Bud Rich.


Designer: Lauren Walton

´╗┐Designer: Antonia Bailey

Designer: Sammi Drbal

Copywriter: Taylor Martin